Material libraries

Material libraries are centers of technical and educational resources on building materials.
They provide assistance to teachers and students with the main functions of being centers of technical documentation (libraries of materials classified by family, use, type, characteristics), exhibition centers, to build networks of relations with the manufacturers, to carry out a documentary watch on innovative products and on the following topics:

  •      Basic materials: steel, concrete, glass, wood ...,
  •      Big work ,
  •      Second-work
  •      Basic equipment,
  •      Functional equipment,
  •      Gardens - green spaces - roads.

Several National Schools of Architecture have material libraries or "technical documentation and materials" departments in their library:

Useful links  :

  •      The material library of Montpellier has created a Wiki-material library site that offers many thematic links classified by materials, a directory of companies and products, ...
  •      ArchiMatérial provides documentation for architectural and construction products. A true documentary and collaborative platform, ArchiMaterial references thousands of products and offers its users all the     elements necessary for the development of a project and provides a physical and virtual showroom thanks to its connected samples present in some ENSAs.