Student works

The archivists of the National Schools of Architecture refer on the ArchiRès database to three types of student work :

  •     IEPs : at the end of the master's degree, the student obtains the state diploma of architect, after defense of the end of studies project (PFE).
  •     MES : 5th year seminar memory
  •     TPFE : until the reform of architectural studies in 2007, the TPFE (personal work of end of studies) sanctioned the studies leading to the diploma of architect.

More than 30,000 bibliographic records are currently entered on ArchiRès and many PFE are available for download (full text)

Degrees (TPFE) supported in the old schools of architecture :

Consultation of PFEs, TPFEs and dissertations:

many PFEs are available for download (full text) on ArchiRes, if not, contact the depository school and publisher of the document.