ArchiRès Portal

The ArchiRès portal is, to date, more than 350,000 bibliographic records, 200 titles of reviewed professional journals, 25 specialized libraries and teams of documentation professionals.
This portal enables to have access to a document research catalogue common to the libraries of the National Schools of Architecture and Landscape (ENSA in France) from the Ministry of Culture and Communication.
This version (September 2014) is the product from the fusion of catalogues coming from the following libraries:

•    ENSAP de Bordeaux
•    ENSA de Bretagne
•    ENSA de Clermont-Ferrand
•    ENSA de Grenoble
•    ENSA de Lyon
•    ENSAP de Lille
•    ENSA de Marne-la-Vallée
•    ENSA de Marseille
•    ENSA de Montpellier
•    ENSA de Nancy
•    ENSA de Normandie
•    ENSA de Paris-Belleville
•    ENSA de Paris-La Villette
•    ENSA de Paris-Malaquais
•    ENSA de Paris-Val de Seine
•    ENSA de Toulouse
•   ENSA de Versailles
as well as the former ArchiRès database (magazine articles and student works) carried out by the network members.

The next version of this portal will enable, through a widened search, to have access to catalogues from other libraries in the ArchiRès network: The ENSA from Strasbourg and from St Etienne, The Camondo School and The École Spéciale d’Architecture.

During the course of 2015, some research laboratories will join the network. Moreover, the ArchiRès portal will give access to digital documents at disposal by some ENSA: PFE, TPFE, maps, plans and other documents dedicated to architecture, town-planning, landscape and building.