How to register

  • You do not need to register and log in to view the catalog and research
  • Why register?

Once registered, authentication brings many services. It allows, on the one hand, access to his user account to see current loans with reminder of the expected return date, the history of loans, to reserve a document, see his personal information ... D ' on the other hand, it makes it possible to position the search for the catalog in the direction of the documents of your enrollment school.

The 5 good reasons to create an account ArchiRès

  • How to register ?

For students, teachers and school staff, go to the "connect" section
and follow the instructions «1st connection - Create your password»

For people outside the schools of the ArchiRès network, go to the "connect" tab
and follow the instructions "Outside ENSA - Pre-registration"

► Each school has its own rules for granting a registration fee to outsiders. If you have not already done so, you should first contact the school to find out if you can register