Maps and plans

This section presents the geographical data and a list of websites of maps and plans

  •     Geographical data

What is a geographic datum?
It is a datum (types of buildings, roads, active population, etc.) treated in the form of a table of type csv, Excel, associated
a geometric shape (point, line, polygon) and georeferenced, ie displayable at its geographical position.

Create your cartographic documents:
You can create your clip art in image or vector format from the geographic data.

Where to recover geographic data ?
You can obtain data from the National Geographic Institute through conventions signed by the National Schools
Higher Architecture (ask your library)
You can also download a lot of data in open-data.
To find out more: data available on the IGN website

  •     Global data in open data

How to use this data?
With adapted software, they are numerous. The main software used in French architecture schools are

Can we help you ?
Here are some tutorials for using QGIS software at your disposal
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