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Students from French architecture schools produce their final work in the form of electronic documents which have been deposited and put online in libraries since 2007, with the consent of their author and according to varying degrees of rights.

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Rights restricted by their author (to one or more sites, or categories of readers) can be assigned to them and when viewing them, you will be asked to identify yourself with your Archirès account in order to check whether you can access them. If you do not have one, you can create it in the portal tab: "Connect" or get information from an ENSA library.


The libraries of schools of architecture have had a very important collection of these documents since their creation in 1969 (around 50,000 documents), the oldest of which are Personal End of Studies Work (TPFE), produced until 2007, which constitute true documentary opus on an architectural theme, a place, a history, accompanied by an architectural project. Several schools carry out the retrospective digitization of these documents which are put online as and when.
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Since 2007, each student presents in the 5th year an End of Studies Project (PFE) on a theme chosen in the workshop. The presentation document includes a note of ten pages detailing the context of the project and the architectural intentions of the designer, as well as the rendering boards of the project, often views of the model as well.
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The students also produce a thesis accompanying the PFE, which reports on its reflection and its synthesis on an architectural or urban theme.
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The libraries of schools of architecture acquire geographical maps with distribution rights for the web: cadastre, old or recent maps of cities, wider geographic areas.
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Filmed conferences

The schools of architecture make recordings of the conferences they organize within themselves and broadcast them online with the consent of their author.
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