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A tutorial to help with research (soon available)

ArchiRes Thesaurus

Recommendations for finding an article or a magazine

Access to the ArchiRes thesaurus
The Archirès thesaurus is a documentary language developed by the ArchiRès network.
It allows ENSA librarians and documentalists to index records with keywords.
These keywords allow you to improve the efficiency of your searches by using the search field "keywords"


To find an article or a magazine

  •     To know for journal articles:

When you do a search, the portal displays all journal articles that pertain to your topic. Unlike books or DVDs, it does not restrict the results to documents in your school library. It is possible that your library does not have the magazine in which your article is located. To find out if your library has the journal or number you are looking for, you have to click on the title of the journal (in red) and access the State of collection which also indicates the shortcomings of a period (see help document below). below)

  •     Research support documents for journals:

To find out which issues of a magazine your school has (PDF)
To find articles on a topic in a specific journal (PDF)